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What's Included:
  • Recommended Use: Pavement Circle Track Racing, Sports Car/GT Racing, Open Wheel/Formula Racing
  • Designed For High Deceleration Rates
  • Optimal Temp Range
  • High Temp

Price Range

$44.46 - $ 213.41 USD
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Welcome to was founded in 2004 with a singular mission: becoming the leading American online supplier of quality performance brake components and systems. United by their enthusiasm, the founding staff sought to set new paradigms for brake upgrade systems. The company will continually innovate significant improvements to braking technology for enthusiasts and professionals alike.


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Item Description

Hawk – Street Performance

Performance Quiet Slot Brake Rotors are the perfect compliment to their spectacular line of brake pads. The hawk Quiet Slot Brake Rotor uses a Unidirectional Vane design which eliminates the need for left and right side applications, so you will no longer have to worry about which one goes on what side.

HPS Performance StreetWith Hawk Performance Street Brake Pads you will see up to 40% more stopping power over stock brake pads and less brake dust. The Hawk HPS Brake Pads aregentle on rotors and the unique Ferro-Carbon Compound provides extended brake pad life. With performance like that the Hawk Performance Street Brake Pads will provide long lasting braking power without having to squeal of an actual race pad. The Hawk HPS Performance Street Brake Pad is the perfect performance brake pad for your street driven Hot Rod. Actually your ride doesn't have to be a Hot Rod the Hawk Performance Street Brake Pads work great on any vehicle that needs that extra brake bite. It doesn't matter if it is quick stops in traffic or that spirited drive down your favorite backroad.


Hawk-Street Performance

Comparison Chart
Street Performance DrilledrotorsStreet Performance Feet Performance DrilledrotorsFeet Performance
Common Usage Street Race/Track Race/Track Street
Noise Low Moderate to High Low to High Low
Dust Low High Varies Varies
Judder Varies Varies Low Varies
Max operating temp. Low High High Low
Pad life Varies Varies Varies Varies
Rotor wear Low High Varies Low
Cold bite Low Low High Moderate
Judder/pad deposits Varies Varies Low Varies
Compressibility Moderate Low Low High
Cost Moderate High High Low

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